Transdermal Prescription Fat Blast Cream (60ml)

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Unveiling the secret to sculpted confidence at Anuli Aesthetics!

Introducing our Fat Blast Transdermal Cream

The ultimate game-changer in weight loss. This transdermal cream addresses specific areas for fat loss, like the waist and thighs. If you’re looking for a more targeted approach to fat loss, this cream may be right for you.

Packed with powerhouse ingredients like aminophylline and glycyrrhetinic acid, it’s the finishing touch you need for those abs to shine through! ” Say hello to a new you!

Ingredients include:

  • Aminophylline — This medication can help reduce the overall size of the waist, thighs, and other places. It does this by stopping the breakdown of a compound called cyclic AMP (cAMP).
  • Glycyrrhetinic Acid — This ingredient blocks the availability of cortisol in fat cells, which leads to fat loss effects because cortisol plays a role in how fat is deposited.

Aminophylline, the Fat Blast active ingredient, inhibits the breakdown of cAMP in fat cells leading to decrease in waistand thigh circumference. The cream’s formulation base, Glycyrrhetinic Acid (GA), is the active ingredient in licorice root, thought to block an enzyme resulting in the reduction of availability of cortisol in fat cells, thus leading to weight loss.

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